Decolite for internal and external columns

What is a Column in Construction?

COLUMNS are typically a structural element in any construction process and typically offer support to beams and slabs.

Traditionally columns where not considered part of the aesthetics of a project, but merely functional. In current design and detailing, columns are now the new focus where enhancement and embellishment of the structural member become all important

Structural Columns

The structural column is essential in any commercial, residential retail or industrial development. However, we can now improve the look of your standard steel or concrete column in order to enhance the look and feel of the project and keep with the design intent.

Column Cladding

Decolite as a column cladding material is the perfect solution whether on a new build or in order to enhance existing columns on an existing project.

Non-Structural Columns

Elliptical Columns Nigeria
Elliptical Columns used in a project in Nigeria. Various detailing available with Decolite Columns

The reason an architect or designer would make use of Decolite cladding to a new or existing column, would be for several reasons. With column cladding, the designer is able to mask unsightly steel or concrete work and increase the size. In addition to this the design can encompass a lighting detail, directional signage, sensors, while concealing all ducting and wiring required.

A designer is also able to create a column from Decolite for purely non-structural reasons, in order to introduce the elements as mentioned before.

Embellishing columns

When adding an additional layer to a column in order to change the original shape, Decolite one again becomes the material of choice. Lightweight and with no minimum radius, any profile is easily achieved with Decolite.
Due to the flexibility in design, with Decolite you can create any shape or style of column, whether in new projects or refurbishments. If you are looking to enhance the aesthetics of a column it is simple addition to add on a capital or plinth as a decorative feature.

Splayed Elliptical Columns
Splayed Elliptical Columns by Decolite used in the Old JSE building refurbishment in the Johannesburg CBD

Column shapes

There is no restriction to shape when designing a non-structural column in Decolite. We have manufactured several styles of columns for contemporary or classical applications. A classical style of architecture would consider Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Tuscan designs while contemporary architecture would embrace more static lines with less embellishment. Non-structural columns in modern architecture, would include splayed and elliptical shapes along with square and circular shapes and effects.

Ease of installation

From I beam to circular column, in one easy installation, is easily achievable with Decolite custom made columns. Flexibility in design and ease of fixing, allows architects to modify their designs to accommodate concealed fixing details when attaching to steel, concrete or brickwork.


With Decolite lightweight columns, one can easily accommodate lighting troughs with concealed fittings. This is achievable though collaboration of design ideas in early concept stage.

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