Concrete Replacement Bus Shelter made from Decolite

Decolite is the perfect concrete replacement material in a non-structural application

Alternative Lightweight Building Material

If considering concrete as a lightweight aesthetic element for your project, such as a window surround, floating buttresses, eyelids, or any other decorative element, Decolite is the only concrete replacement material to use. With Decolite, we are able to cut any shaped profile with no limitation’s to size, or radius ensuring complete design freedom.

Each profile is wire cut to your specifications and then coated with our hard wearing casing making it perfect for outdoor applications in hotels, commercial developments and offices.

Concrete Alternative

For architects and designers, Decolite offers an effective alternative to concrete without the limitations inherent in standard building materials such as concrete. Once cut in to the required profile, and coated with our propriety coating, we apply a concrete look finish, hence achieving the look without the weight factor. Decolite therefore also provides solutions for structural engineers where a light weight element is required.

Developer’s Dream Material

Developers are able to achieve a high end finish with perfectly formed lines, with each element being custom made to suit the particular application in concrete or plaster. Decolite elements, due mainly to their lightweight character, are easy and quick to install, making it the preferred material of choice on any new building site, refurbishment or addition.

Cost Saving Solution

The cost savings afforded, makes Decolite an attractive replacement for standard building materials, especially for quantity surveyors. Decolite has been used extensively as concrete replacement in not only South Africa but in to Sub Saharan Africa as well.

Architectural Detailing

Light weight concrete replacement elements, such as Decolite, are a sought after commodity on fast track projects where detailing and programme is paramount to the final aesthetic of the building project.

Lightweight Fixing Solutions

Typically, the fixing of the Decolite profiles is either with a chemical anchor or a mechanical fix. In each instance the fixing method is designed to suit the loading required for the project. As a lightweight concrete replacement, Decolite may be installed using steel cables in certain applications, for example a residential Porte cochere.

Add Lighting

It is also possible to incorporate lighting in to the Decolite elements in order to create washed light on to the surroundings, for example below a coping on a parapet wall.

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