DECOLITE lightweight building components offer the latest in technology when it comes to alternative building methods. The product has been in existence for a period of nearly 16 years and we have completed projects all over the African continent.

The Decolite profiles are created by first wire cutting the required shape from a solid block of high density EPS. Once the shape has been created it is sent for encapsulation. The Decolite coating encapsulates and seals the surface with a structural polymer. This rigid polymer coating gives the finished product its heavy duty durability for internal and external applications.

Some facts about Decolite

  • Decolite products are manufactured from long lasting polymer that offers the realism of Stone, Plaster or GRC – without the disadvantages.
  • Decolite will not rot, warp, decay, or become unduly affected in harsh climatic conditions.
  • With regards to standard sizes, there are none. We are only limited by handling and shipping. We do however recommend a workable length such as sections of 2m, 2,5m or 3m, but it could be anything up to 6m.
  • Any 3 dimensional shapes are possible and securing of the product may be done with either a chemical or mechanical fixing system, or a combination of both depending on the wind loading, size of profile and application.
  • The product is formed from high density polystyrene with an extremely hard wearing external coating.
  • The thickness of the coating varies from 2mm, for internal applications to 3.5mm on external horizontal applications.
  • Delivery varies between 2 and 6 weeks. This is dependent on the commitments in the factory at the time of placing your order and the complexity of the profile.
  • Finishes vary from the standard fine aggregate finish, to a semi sanded finish, or smooth finish with a high gloss coating, or concrete finish
  • The factory is in Krugersdorp and we are able to deliver to any site within Southern Africa, or ship to off shore projects.