Concrete Replacement Bus Shelter made from Decolite


Waterfall City in Midrand forms part of the new mixed-use hub and includes a mall, hotel and hospital. In order to facilitate travel within the node, a bus route was introduced which required 42 bus stops around the development. The trendy bus shelters, were minimalist in design, while providing shelter. Decolite was used in conjunction with the concrete vertical column, in order to create a lightweight floating element forming the covered roof of the shelter.

decolite concrete replacement

Glass panels to the rear are secured to the steel structure through the Decolite™

Steel support structure

The Decolite profiles where designed in such a way as to completely encapsulate the steel support structure, while providing for run off and lighting. Decolite is uniquely custom made for every project, allowing for flexibility in design, especially when looking for material to simulate concrete.

Lightweight Decolite and Glass

The vertical glass panels where installed in conjunction with the Decolite light weight profiles For more on Decolite specifications, click here >

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