Decolite concrete replacement fins


The residential area of Llandudno, Cape Town, offers breath-taking views of the sea and mountain. For this project, the client required simulated concrete fins in order create some form of barrier between the properties set in to the mountain side. Decolite was the perfect material when considering concrete replacement elements. Due to the flexibility in design, Decolite may be cut to any size or shape, offering freedom of design.

Concrete Finish

The Decolite profiles, once cut are coated with a hard wearing concrete like finish, making it the perfect lightweight alternative to concrete.

Custom Made

Profiles are custom made and each fixing detail is designed with the customers requirements in mind. In this case the Fins were adjustable and could be set open or be closed. the mechanism includes a stainless steel plate and vertical rods for additional stability.

Declite Concrete replacement fins
Fins with concrete finish - Fully adjustable

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