Decolite Ceiling at Fourways Mall in Sandton

Decolite for External and Internal Ceilings and Bulkheads

Ceiling design

When looking at designing a ceiling in a corporate project, the tendency is to stick to drop in ceiling tiles, in a standard suspended grid system. With Decolite however, we can offer custom-designed ceiling systems that give life and variation to your ceiling ideas. There are no limitations when designing a ceiling using Decolite lightweight profiles. Any 3-dimensional shape is possible with no limitations on panel size.

New Buildings or Refurbishments.

If you are working on designing a ceiling for a new project or looking to enhance the look and feel of an existing project, Decolite is the ceiling material of choice. Our team works with the professionals and assist with the design of the ceiling, the suspension and fixing methods to be used as well as any integrated lighting required in the ceiling.

Ease of Ceiling Installation

Since Decolite ceilings are custom made, each ceiling installation is designed in such a way as to incorporate the technical and aesthetic requirements of the project in the ceiling details. As we know floating ceilings are a popular design concept and with Decolite, the focus is on creating a lightweight ceiling solution that is easy to install and maintain. Standard ceiling materials often require additional substructure to support the system, while Decolite makes use of several suspension systems which do not require and major support

Custom Designed Ceiling Elements Provide No Limitations

Because each ceiling element is custom designed and cut, there is no limitation to the visual element you are trying to create. There are no limitations to the size of panels nor the radii on curved elements.

Advantages of Decolite Suspended or Floating Ceiling

With a Decolite floating or suspended ceiling, the material is flexible enough to incorporate any number of lighting details or shadow lines. The ceilings may also be designed in such a way as to incorporate signage.

Decolite Bulkhead Options

Decolite is also the perfect material to use when designing fixed or floating bulkheads. Once again there is no limit with design when using Decolite as a bulkhead material.
If looking for a fixed bulkhead with integrated lighting and recesses, or a floating bulkhead with intricate design elements, Decolite remains the perfect solution.

External Ceilings

Due to the fact that all Decolite elements are all encased with a hard-wearing external coating, it makes it the perfect waterproof solution for an external ceiling. The flexibility in design allows for exceptional ceiling elements offering both visual and technical solutions. Standard building materials limit the design intent while with Decolite, nay shape or style is possible while once again being able to accommodate lighting details in the element.

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