Decolite™ polyurea casings are guaranteed by Frascada Projects for a period of 5 years against normal weathering subject to the following conditions:

Our guarantee covers the replacement or repair of the casing should failure occur within this period.

The polyurea outer casing must be provided with a protective coating to ensure protection against UV exposure. The guarantee is invalidated should the polyurea be damaged as a result of deterioration of the UV protective coating.

Replacement or repair will only take place after due process to establish the cause of failure.

The guarantee excludes failure due to structural movement, mechanical or malicious damage, extreme meteorological conditions, incorrect installation, or damage as a result of exposure to substances for which the casing is not designed.

Delivery costs, removal, and installation of elements for the purpose of repair or replacement is not covered by this guarantee.

It is furthermore a condition of the guarantee that Frascada Projects will not be held liable for consequential losses incurred as a result of such failure.

Our guarantee will immediately become null and void should other parties undertake repairs or modifications to the Decolite™.