Decolite Window Shading Bosmans

Decolite Sun shading

Sun Shading with Decolite

 Bosmans Business Centre, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, was the perfect project for Decolite sun shading profiles. The newly completed commercial project, by TV3 architects, featured Decolite window details which offered sun shading as well as relief to the various elevations.   In this instance, Decolite custom made window shading elements where  specified as an alternative to concrete on a non-structural application. 

Window shading in Decolite
Decolite Sun  Shading

Custom Made Window Shading

Decolite window shading profiles are custom made to suit to aesthetic and functional requirements of each project. There is no mouldings process as each profile is wire cut to specification allowing for complete design freedom. With Decolite there is no minimum size or radius, and there is no panel size. Window shading takes on many forms, and the final design is based on the elevation orientation and the height of the sun. All the calculations are found in various papers where you would design such an element with the assistance of a sun path diagram. Go to the link to find out more about sun path diagrams for window shading

Decolite Sun shading

Hard wearing and waterproof sun shading

The hard-wearing external casing on the Decolite profiles is completely weather proof and impervious to water ingress. The proprietary casing completely encases the profile, allowing for longevity of product. Decolite profiles have a been manufactured and installed for a period of over 19 years, not only in South Africa, but in to sub-Saharan Africa as well. We have a long history of successful projects with sun shading across all market sectors, including hotels . 

Easy to install window shading.

We have completed many projects with Decolite Window surrounds and window shading where the original detail asked for concrete. Due to Decolite's lightweight nature, we are able to install any element with the minimum of fuss. The installation of the window shading elements is quick and requires no cranage, and the installation may done from a mobile scaffold or cherry picker.

The profiles are installed by inserting threaded bars in to the Decolite at the time of manufacturing. When on site we simple drill in to the substrate, fill with a chemical anchor and insert the threaded bar fitted to the Decolite window shading.


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