The new entrance to Sandton City office Towers required a 3-dimensional lightweight interior screen which could be custom designed for the space.  Atrium on Fifth, part of Liberty Properties stable of properties is a large open space that houses the reception to the office towers. The interior screen was designed in such a way as to let the form determine the space while allowing light through and providing a screen between the reception counter and 5th Avenue traffic. Due to the fact that Decolite is so versatile, and there is no limit to radii, panel size, or shape, allows for a free flow of the design. A great example of interior feature detailing at its finest,

3-dimensional lightweight interior screen at Sandton City Office Towers lightweight  architectural interior screens from Decolite 3-Dimentional Interior Screen in Artrium on Fifth that houses the reception in the Sandton City office Towers Interior screen providing a screen between the reception counter and 5th Avenue traffic Screen made from Decolite at Artrium on Fifth

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