Decolite For External and Internal Signage

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Signage: Design and Manufacturing

Decolite as an alternative building material, may also be used in the design and manufacturing of signage. Due to the flexibility of design, Decolite offers a vast range of designs when looking at internal and external signage.

Custom Signs for Commercial, Retail and Industrial Use

For custom sign solutions, Decolite is perfect as there is no limitation in design. Any profile is achievable when designing new sign for your project, be it industrial, commercial, or retail signage.

External and Internal Branding

Decolite may used as when looking to promote your brand or perhaps a specific event or function. To create depth and ake a statement look at using Decolite for your business or shop signage.

Directional Signage

Directional Signage
Directional Signage Installed at RMB Canteen

Decolite may also be used as distinctive directional signage. Due to the fact that Decolite does not make use of moulds, it is possible to custom make just one sign to give you the directional impact that is required.

Ease of design and installation

The reason an architect or designer would make use of Decolite for signage, would be to make use of the flexible design capabilities and the ease with which Decolite may be installed.

The perfect Billboard Signage

Being lightweight and hard-wearing, Decolite is the perfect material for Billboards. Decolite custom made signage does not require any extensive substructure to secure 3-dimensional elements.

Dedicated Design Team

Our design team is available to assist with the design and fixing details if required. Costs are further reduced when installing Decolite signs as the lightweight elements require very little in terms of hoisting or scaffolding.

Freedom of design.

Typically, Decolite would be used for aesthetic purposes to create a visual effect that would not be achievable with the use of standard building materials. Alternative signage materials require substructures and may be heavy in nature, while also having limitations in 3D design and where sheet sizes and thicknesses limit the creative process.
This is not the case with Decolite.

Decolite profiles allow freedom of design and are not limited to standard panel sizes, nor are there standard fixing details. A designer is able to create any number of forms in the creation of an internal sign or external sign.
If creating an impact is the required outcome when designing a sign, using Decolite may greatly enhance the aesthetics envisioned at design concept.


Due to the fact that each Decolite profile is custom made, the architect is able to include a number of details which would not be possible in any other sign material. The introduction of drip points or shadow lines is simple, unusual shapes as well as the inclusion of lighting or lighting trough, into the detail, is simple.

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