Internal Column Cladding

Decolite Columns enhance jewelry stores in the Western Cape

Shimansky Jewellers recently opened several new stores in the Western Cape,  and Decolite was appointed to install the internal column cladding,  enhancing the deluxe aesthetics of each local.

Internal Column cladding
Decolite Faceted column

Columns in Decolite allow for a lightweight solution

Due to the fact that there was minimal space in which to construct the faceted columns, a lightweight solution was required. The material to be used had to offer a solution in which the shapes could be achieved but without large heavy substructures.

Decolite Column Cladding

Lightweight column cladding

Decolite is a lightweight, hard-wearing material, which can be formed, through wire cutting, to any 3-dimensional profile offering complete ability to conceive new decorative creations without limitations. The seamless internal column cladding was coated to simulate a diamond-coated element.

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