Decolite Columns enhance development in Illovo boulevard

Illovo Edge, on the exclusive Illovo Boulevard, in Johannesburg, is one of the most prestigious commercial office spaces available in the northern suburbs, where once again Decolite column cladding was installed to enhance the overall aesthetics.

Decolite External column Claddding

Columns in Decolite allow for a lightweight solution

The design required external lighting to the main entrance walkway dividing buildings one and two. Regent Lighting was called in to supply the light elements, and Decolite was the material of choice when designing the enhancements on the light fittings. The aesthetic required an element a little bolder, and as the steel column internally provided the support for the lights, Decolite was used for the form and finish.

The columns, manufactured in high-density Expanded Polystyrene, allowed for a more dynamic flared base. When specifying Decolite, the flexibility in design allows for customised elements, specifically columns, in this instance, to take on a form of their own.

Light weight column cladding

Lightweight column cladding

Decolite is a lightweight, hard-wearing material, which can be formed, through wire cutting, to any 3-dimensional profile offering complete ability to conceive new decorative creations without limitations. The seamless column cladding was coated to simulate a concrete column visually.

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