For this project, we were required to design supply and install external ceilings in the form of eaves closures. The architect required a lightweight custom made closure element to the space between the roof and facade. Due to fact that Decolite elements are all custom made,  allows non-standard panels and for each elevation to have equal size panels regardless of the length of the elevation.

External Ceiling in the form of eaves closure Monte Circle
External Ceiling Monte Circle

The ceiling panels were then individually detailed, cut with a hot wire, and then coated with our hard-wearing external coating. We have currently completed 3 of the 8 phases currently planned for Monte Circle. Monte Circle office park forms part of the Monte Casino precinct in Fourways Johannesburg.

External ceiling Eaves Closure Monte Circle
Monte Circle

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Decolite Bulkhead Goldfields Mall


The main reception area to Goldfields mall , indicates the Decolite floating bulkhead, suspended 8m below the steel roof trusses above. Each element is 16m long and curved on a different radius. The bulkhead also allows for the integration of LED lighting inside the Decolite bulkhead. This custom made floating lightweight bulkhead gives a final aesthetic and functional touch to the large open entrance space.

Decolite Floating Bulkhead Goldfields Mall

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Open grid modular ceiling


Modular Ceiling Panel

When JB' s Corner opened an additional  store in Sandton City, the interior  design reflected a new aesthetic to the brand. Decolite was able to offer an open grid modular ceiling as part of the revised brand. The ceiling, in a bronze finish, allowed for integrated lighting.which added a floating dimension to the ceiling.

Open grid modular ceiling

Open grid modular ceiling was secured to bulkhead, which also offered a frame to the open ceiling. The modular ceiling panel from Decolite SA, is a moulded profile, where other profiles in the range are are wire cut and custom made. The open grid ceiling panels offer a lightweight ceiling which allows easy access to the ceiling void and all the services, where access to air conditioning and lighting is important. The material is available in a large variety of colours, is flame retardant and easy to install.

open grid modular ceiling
Open Grid Easy Coupling Ceiling
open grid ceiling
Open Grid Easy Coupling Ceiling


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Internal Detailing

Table Bay Mall is a recently completed mall on the west coast. The Zenprop property has allowed for state of the art design in and features of this iconic retail project.

Floating Mobile

The challenge was to imitate the features of the surround in the form of the sea and its elements. In this case the feature was an iconic ship with its wake.

Table Bay Mall Boat Mobile

The massive mobile was constructed from Decolite, which allowed for a light weight element which encouraged freedom of design and flow. The design and installation detailing was incredibly intricate, and once again Decolite delivered.

Interior design freedom
Table Bay Mall Boat Wake

The boat and the wake element of the boat, formed from Decolite, were suspended from the vertical bulkheads on either side.


Lightweight Bulkheads in Decolite

When Rand Merchant Bank in Sandton decided to add a staff restaurant to the campus, lightweight bulkheads in Decolite, formed part of the aesthetic.

Bulkhead Suspended on Ceiling

The brief was to create separate areas within the basement space, but retaining the open space feel to the restaurant.

Design freedom allows for curved bulkheads

The separate areas allowed diners to easily identify service types and check out cashiers. The individual hubs were identified by the addition of lightweight bulkheads below the lay-in ceilings. Decolite was once again the material of choice due to its lightweight nature while allowing complete design freedom

Bulkhead Suspended on Ceiling

The bulkheads, either curved or linear, were suspended below the ceiling T's without the requirement of any additional structure.

Decolite Signage on Bulkhead

Decolite was also used to form the lettering above the directional signage above the tills. Each letter was individually wire cut and then adhered to the painted Decolite bulkhead.

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