External Signage

Toms Music store in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, is an icon in the music industry. The retail outlet for guitars and all things musical was started in 1978 and continues to be a leader amongst musicians. Recently, the store, housed in a corner building in Melle street, was due for an upgrade.  Decolite was considered for the upgrade in the form of bold external signage.

External Signage by Decolite
External Decolite signage at Toms Music in JHB

Custom Designed Lettering

The supporting slab had been part of the existing build and as such could not support any great weight. Decolite signage was the perfect solution, being lightweight and allowing for complete freedom in design.

Decolite lightweight External signage allowing freedom of design
Decolite Signage with Custom Lettering

The letters were individually cut to create 500mm deep, independent elements adding a depth of perspective to the open area above the slab.

External signage with custom designed lettering
Decolite signage

Each individual letter was cut, coated and painted before being installed on site