Hard wearing and lightweight, Decolite allows for flexibility in design and allows for any 3 dimensional feature detail. The creative trees formed in Decolite, are the feature wall in the public area of the Southern Sun Hotel in Maputo. 

On reflecting on the surroundings of the hotel, it is easy to see how the significant tree on the eastern face influences the design of the Decolite trees, internally. The relief of 100mm, offers a depth perspective which is difficult to create in any other material.

Design Freedom for feature detailing

Flexibility in interior design is key when offering creative ideas to a client, and where Decolite comes to the fore and is the natural material of choice. The final element was cut in to panels, and coated in our hard wearing polyuria finish. The panels allowed of ease of transportation to Mozambique.

Decolite has proved to be the ideal material for internal and external detailing  not only in Southern Africa but Sun Saharan Africa as well.

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